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Trainings & Seminars

Empower.  Lead.  Plan for the Future.

Strengthen your team, relationship or business venture through personalized guidance. If you feel like you’ve hit a wall and can no longer excel to the heights you previously imagined, we offer trainings, consultations and seminars that will catapult your life – both personally and professionally. Book a service that fits your needs and we will get back to you soon!


Women's Encouragement and Empowerment Seminar Series/Conference

This is the hallmark service of the organization. Women will participate in a series of seminars or small group sessions that are designed to encourage and empower them to take control of their lives and move beyond their current mindset into a place of peace, healing, forgiveness, worthiness, and purpose

Team Meeting

Leadership Development Training and Assessments & Executive/Professional Coaching

This series focuses on going back to the basics of leadership development and builds customized leadership capacity in individuals & organizations. *Certified 360 Assessments Facilitator


Marriage - "The TRUTH" Seminar Series

This series is designed and presented in partnership with The Credle Group, Inc. The target audiences are couples considering marriage and married couples who want to transform their relationship


Long-range Planning for Diversity and Equity

The focus of this service is to provide an in-depth review of an organization to effect systemic cultural change.


Organizational Development, and Training for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The focus of this service is to provide customized development and training on organizational design, human resources human capital, policies and procedures


Negotiations Training and Consulting

The focus of this service is to provide training and strategy development on the art of negotiations personally and professionally.

A business meeting

Educational Consulting

The focus  of this service is to provide education consulting, curriculum development, and development of training modules

Customer Service

Customer Service Training

The focus of this service is to provide consultation on strategies to enhance and change the customer service environment of your organization.

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